5 Steps to Get Your NFL Database Up and Running

Watch how to Install and Restore the NFL Database to SQL Server Express

Step 1: Download and Install SQL Server Express

Download and Install SQL Server Express. The Basic Installation is all you will need.

Step 2: Download and Install SSMS

SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) is needed to connect to your SQL Server Express database. Download SSMS and follow the prompts for installing.

Step 3: Download and extract the NFL Database backup file

Download the backup copy of the NFL Database. Once it has downloaded extract the file NFL_Data.bak from the zip folder.

Step 4: Open the SQL Server Express database

You’ve installed SSMS and need to open it. Once the Studio is open you can connect to the installed database. In the Server Name dropdown select <Browse for more…>

SQL Server Database List
SQL Server Database List

The list of available databases will display. Select the SQL Server Express database you just installed.

Database List
Database List

Step 5: Restore the NFL Database backup file

Right-click on Database in the Object Explorer.

Database Object Explorer
Database Object Explorer
Restore Database
Restore Database

Click on “Restore Database…”

In the Restore Database screen Select “Device” and click on the 3 dots to select the backup file.

Restore Database Screen
Restore Database Screen

On the Select Backup Devices screen select “Add” and locate the NFL_Data.bak file you downloaded.

File Location
Device File Location

Select “Files” on the left side in Select a page and click the button to “Relocate all the files to folder”

file options

You can now click OK to restore the database! You should see a Success message once the restore is complete.

Success Screen

You can now view the files in the Object Explorer!

NFL Database Tables
NFL Database Tables
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